FINO’s Sharon Romeo receives coveted Howard Twelftree award 2015

December 4, 2015

Although work demands meant Sharon was unable to attend the @hot100wines celebration last night, in yet another FINO / AFRICOLA tag team accolade, inaugural winner and respected Chef Duncan Welgemoed presented the award to long time Fino favourite, gourmand Philip White on Sharon’s behalf. “For a couple of decades Adelaide has been blessed by one true star of the waiting realm,” Duncan said, “a person who understands the art and craft of the garden, the kitchen, the cellar and the people who pay for it all: the customers. “

The coveted Howard Twelftree award was established after Howard (aka John McGrath) sadly passed in 2013 leaving a giant, plate-shaped hole in the Australian culinary journalism landscape.

Fittingly, the award is a celebration of outstanding contribution to the South Australian dining landscape.  It’s bestowed to innovators of the gastronomic community who challenge the way we dine or think about food – As did the award’s namesake.

“I’m still in shock.” Says the surprisingly subdued Romeo or ‘Whirling Dervish’ as she was once affectionately described by Howard Twelftree himself. “This award means so much to me – Howard Twelftree was the original food hero, he was a man who truly understood and loved our industry and he communicated that so beautifully in his writing.”

After 30 years in Hospitality and a decade alongside business partner David Swain nurturing Australia’s most beloved, progressive regional dining brand FINO – Sharon is incredibly proud and humbled to be deemed worthy of this award.  “I would like to thank my family, friends, team, industry peers and of course our guests.” says Sharon “It’s an incredibly challenging and competitive industry so I’m grateful to everyone who has supported, encouraged and inspired me over the years.” She says.