Sharon Romeo

Owner Director

Sharon’s commitment to her Italian heritage and the place food has in that culture, together with her decades of restaurant experience, her expansive wine knowledge and connections, not to mention her effervescent energy, makes Sharon one of the most dynamic and caring front of house professionals in the country.

If you put yourself in Sharon’s hands, you will have the best of everything – food, wine and excellence in service. Her desire to give the most genuine of experiences is truly heart warming.

David Swain

Owner Director

David is smart and David is highly skilled. He weaves his magic with consummate ease. An Adelaide boy, who at an early age immersed himself at the elite restaurant level at Mistress Augustine’s, continued to build his reputation, knowledge and skills in high profile restaurants in Melbourne. Fortunately for us, he brought all that back to South Australia in the early 2000’s. His long and inquisitive relationship with local farmers and producers delivers him the products he requires to create innovative, yet deceptively simple dishes that are constantly exciting his customers.