Come for lunch  – leave with a loaf or two!

Bread lovers behold! FINO Seppeltsfield opens their ovens for a weekly retail bread bake of modestly perfect proportions. For fans of our famous sourdough, this is the news you’ve all been waiting for…

Our lovely loaves will be ready from 12:30pm every Friday again until sold out, with limited pre-orders available by calling the restaurant on 08 8562 8528.

FINO offers a boutique bake of three loaf styles:

  • Fino Loaf – Our signature FINO loaf and humble menu superstar
  • White Rustic Loaf – A sourdough based, crusty white loaf
  • Sprouted Rye – A dark, Germanic Barossa loaf strewn with sprouted rye, wheat and seeds

FINO bread is made with love and a respect for the alchemy / art of baking.

In keeping with our commitment to beautifully-crafted and regionally-inspired food, FINO loaves are naturally leavened with our own sourdough starter culture. We use reverse osmosis Vestal water, sea salt and individual blends of Lauckes Wallaby, Clare Valley Pankarra and Four Leaf rye and wholemeal flours. Characteristics unique to each loaf style come courtesy of Ace of Spades stout, The Dairyman buttermilk as well as strategic scatterings of coriander, caraway and sesame seeds.


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